ESG Benchmark

Impacting organisations of all sizes

Creating sustainable business models which respect the natural world, society, enable innovation and generate value is the challenge of our time. ESG, Environmental Social Governance is key to achieving this goal.

Legislation now encompasses some of this affecting larger organisations. However, in the future ESG will impact organisations of all sizes. Today, there is no single rule set; however, core principles are enshrined in global standards aligned with increasing local legislation.

The ESG Benchmark assessment process provides a framework to support compliance and best practice.

Action not just words

To build a more sustainable economy, every organisation needs to consider its practices. If we all build sustainability into our operations collectively we will help drive change; improving our environment, work places and how we work.

To support this, ESG Benchmark have developed an assessment system which enables organisations to identify where they stand and independently benchmark them against objective criteria derived from legislation, the Green House Gas Protocol and the UN Global Compact principles.

Through benchmarking, we are aiming to help organisations raise the bar, and knowing where they stand, develop strategies and operational models which align for the net zero market.

Why ESG Benchmark?

Benchmarking enables your organisation to demonstrate to your clients and wider stakeholders your forward thinking and appreciation of the need to respect the environment, society and the people impacted by your organisation whilst building value.

ESG benchmarking can be used to support and manage your suppliers and wider supply chain to ensure their policies and processes are aligned with your business aims.

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